Learning kit for Modern Greek

The kit is designed to help you study efficiently, so that you can express your own ideas, in your own phrases, in a variety of communication situations.

Is this an online Greek course?

– No. It is a databank full of learning materials, lessons, homework and other useful content for learning Modern Greek on your own or with the help of a tutor.

Christina – Educative Capstone

Key points


You will learn how to use the various components of the Modern Greek language to express their ideas in your own phrases.


Each micro-lesson is designed for self-paced studying. Following the study calendars is suggested but not mandatory.


The materials cover a wide range of vocabulary and grammar required in the Greek language exams.


Each micro-lesson sets realistic, reachable goals that lead to a solid final result.

Detailed explanations

Vocabulary and grammar points are explained with relevant examples, to avoid confusion.

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