Who is this website for?

The learning materials are conceived for adult learners interested in speaking practical Modern Greek and in applying their improved writing, reading and listening skills in real-life communication situations.

I can’t see any structured learning path

There isn’t any! The learning experience on this website consists of a wide choice of micro-lessons, followed by various activities and homework that you can study in any order, at a time that is convenient to you. The range of topics ensures that you will be part of any conversation with Greek speakers.

How do I use the interactive content?

The interactive activities are auto-graded and you can retry as many times as needed to master the lesson content. The grades are indicative of your progress and they don’t count towards a certificate.

If you can’t see the content of a page, check your login status and your javascript settings. A lot of the website’s content relies on h5p and it requires javascript.

Where can I find more information?

You can contact me here.

You can read the following information: